andie zelnio

Andie (Debra) Zelnio is an architect/designer specializing in architecture, interior design, graphic design and exhibit design. She holds degrees in both studio art and architecture, and her professional work encompasses both fields. Her work is characterized by a passion for visual art and design and a sensitivity to scale, proportion, balance and color. Andie has been a partner in a design firm, collaborated with or worked as a consultant to other architects and executed individual design work during her 30 year career. Her practice has been based in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and Tucson, and her work has been published in numerous magazines + books. 

Andie has taught design studios and history at the college level and is now an active member of the preservation community specializing in mid-20th century architecture, design and art.  She currently sits on the board of the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation in Tucson, Arizona. 

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